Sunday, 25 September 2016

Calvino's Anthology (Armilla)

Calvino's Anthology (Armilla)
I'm leaning towards Armilla for my final project. 
A city of pipes is intriguing and also quite a challenge.
I've uploaded a couple of thumbnails but I still have a good way to go with the planning and final design. I'm very much enjoying the process.
Basement Level (Homeless and poverty)

Upper level (A vast network of pedestrian piped walkways)

Basement Level ruins

Residential and Business areas are currently in the process of construction. 
Transport concepts are also in the early design stage.


  1. nice, Dave! There's a whiff of Heath Robinson getting started in some of these lovely sketches...

  2. Hi Dave. These are some lovely sketch pages. Already some very interesting ideas being brought to life.

    I know you found Photoshop to be a bit of a nightmare last week. Often, these first few weeks are always a bit of a jump into the deep end for everyone. There is a lot to learn and explore, but if you keep sketching and thumbnailing traditionally, we'll look at how to transfer these in Photoshop. Really looking forward to seeing some more drawings. Don't let the software knock your confidence. Just keep making work and Photoshop will soon be a skill you have in your arsenal.