Thursday, 6 October 2016

Egg Cups Project Maya

Finally completed the egg cup project on Maya


  1. congrats! But Dave... title your posts!!!! No more 'Untitled' - it just means, that when you create a blog post, you give your post a name - as in Maya : Egg Cups (for example). Do me a favour and click on the little edit icon (the little pencil at the bottom of your post) re-open your published post, give it a title and then click on 'Update' - and voila! You will have given your blogpost a name! (and then do the same for every other post you've published 'titleless').

  2. Hey Dave,

    You asked for a list of task that I've set over my lessons, here it is:

    Lesson 01:
    Face morph, Your Face on frame 1, a food on frame 25, an animal on frame 50 then back to your face for frame 75.

    Lesson 02:
    -The 'Coin' animation. Start the coin on the left side of the page and make it reach the right side of the page at frame 24, then move it back again to form a constant loop.
    There are two of these. One needs to be evenly spaced, the other needs to ease in and ease out.
    - The Pendulum animation. There are 3 of these. One moving along a straight line to demonstrate 'how not to animate' and the other two need to animate along a curve as it naturally would. One evenly spaced 1-24 then back again, the other with ease in and ease out properties.
    -HOMEWORK. In your own words, research and post the 12 principles of animation.

    Lesson 03:
    - 4 bouncing balls. One cartoony to show squash and stretch, one vertical bowling ball showing realist principles, one vertical ping pong ball showing realistic properties, one vertical tennis ball showing realistic properties.
    -HOMEWORK. Animator Review : Don Hertzfeldt, Animator Review : Lotte Reiniger

    These need to be exported as GIF sequences to be uploaded onto your blog the same way you upload photos.